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Courses and Field Trips 2017-18 - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A complete list of courses and field trips for the academic year 2017-18 is now available. Go to COURSES, COURSE BROCHURES, for more details, or click below. read more ...

Geostudies site launches... - Sunday, August 09, 2009

Well if you reading this then you already know the Geostudies site has launched...and is now 8 years old!!


Upcoming courses

“The Shaping of Ross: the Forces of Change through 700 million years of geological time”
Concentrating on the processes that have produced the environment in which we now live, this course aims to aid understanding of geological forces, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, rivers, deserts, continental drift, life, convection, water. The course will be illustrated by reference to the local area, where possible. There will be lots of opportunity for practical study of rock, mineral and fossil, both actual specimens and as thin sections through petrological microscopes. Reference will also be made to local geological maps. Starts 21st September 6.30pm Held at 6th form and adult education centre John Kyrle High School, Ross on Wye. Cost £50. Contact Paul Mason on 01989 760399. Enrol before 15th September to ensure that the course runs.

The Devonian Period
419 to 358 million years ago, this period (whose existence was hotly disputed by Sedgwick and Murchison in the 1820s and 30s) saw the amalgamation of two parts of Britain (but strangely not including Devon!), the emergence of widespread land vegetation, closely followed by insects and terrestrial tetrapods. A major extinction, of disputed origin, wiped out a large proportion of life towards the end of the period. Half the world consisted of a vast ocean (Panthalassa), which, like the modern Pacific, was gradually being destroyed by subduction, in favour of the Rheic and PalaeoTethyian Oceans. Starts Mon 18th September for 10 weeks (not 16th or 23rd Oct), until 4th December Held at Wynstones School, Stroud Road, Whaddon, Gloucester from 7.30-9.30pm on Mondays. Cost £70 (including tea, coffee etc at breaktime!).

Photos from our Trips


 To access slide show of photos from our trips please go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/geostudies/


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